Utility Solutions

WDS is the one partner providing Trimble field and office solutions across your entire organization.  From planning and permitting through generation, transmission, and distribution to outage management and improved customer service, WDS has you covered.  Regardless of whether you are a large Investor Owned Utility, a Co-operative, a Municipal Water District, an Independent System Operator or Independent Power Producer, we have the best solutions to fit your needs.


The solution operates on a range of Trimble Mapping and GIS handheld computers and integrates with existing utility back office systems, enabling seamless flow of data between field and office.  With the post-processing capabilities of Trimble Field Inspector Desktop software, GNSS location data captured in the field can be further enhanced to decimeter level accuracy with specific Trimble handheld computers.

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Digital aerial photography, aerial laser scanning, and land mobile mapping provide game-changing capability for documenting and monitoring transmission networks.  Transmission structures, terrain, vegetation, and other corridor features are scanned and combined with high-resolution visual and/or near-infrared imagery to enable planning, monitoring, and rapid response.  Your project data is easily integrated into GIS databases for analysis of cadastral data, encroachment, and many other requirements.

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Trimble® eRespond™ software provides a comprehensive set of features designed to simplify the end-to-end process of outage and incident management in electric, water, and wastewater utilities.  Trimble eRespond empowers utilities to increase system reliability, improve efficiency and reduce the cost of day-to-day operations while continuously improving customer service in a measurable way.

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Trimble Fleet management offers a range of on-demand information and activity reports on key data such as vehicle location, condition and mileage.  In addition, Fleet Management includes exception alerts, which highlight issues such as a vehicle that hasn’t moved or a vehicle that leaves its designated work area.  With this visibility into fleet operations, businesses can manage fleet performance and costs, running the most efficient fleet possible.

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Trimble Field Inspector software for handhelds operates on specific Trimble handheld computers and allows field workers to use simple yet powerful forms to capture data in the field and transfer it automatically back to the office.  Desktop software users can design forms, incorporate workflow rules, connect data to external databases, including GIS systems, post-process GNSS data from the field, and control multiple devices simply and seamlessly.

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Engineers from across all utility disciplines are faced with the challenge of responding more quickly than ever to the demand for new transmission lines, substation facilities, and the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure.  Trimble’s software provides an intuitive user interface with 3D visualization, global optimization, material management and design comparison management.

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