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Our solutions are high-quality, price-competitive, and customizable to meet your specific needs. And our customer service can’t be beat. Since 1983 we’ve provided the equipment to stake wells, map roads, and safely lay pipeline, now we’re focused on delivering solutions for your fleet and workers in the field.

CASE STUDY - Texas Boll Weevil

Partner with WDS and see your vehicles and other assets in real-time, on your #ESRI Platform!

”...we can look at it live, we can look at it when they get back, and it is visible what they did, and when they turned the spray on and off. It is very, very, very helpful.”
— Jeff Pope: Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundatation

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Fleet Tracking and Management

Save money by tracking your vehicles. Our systems automatically keep track of everything going on in the field, resulting in fuel cost savings, lower overtime, and maintenance costs.

Asset Tracking offers complete visibility into the location and utilization of your assets from a convenient portal.

Get complete visibility of your assets location and utilization.

Get fuel-card and timesheet integration.

Knowing where your towed assets are and how they are being used, through on-demand and detailed activity reports, will allow your business to better manage asset performance and costs.

You’ll be able to see all your vehicles and towed assets in one place.



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Trailer and Tool Tracker

We are currently running a special that will get your fleet tracking every minute and assets every twelve hours on a secure webpage that you can access from anywhere in the world.

  • Free Hardware with subscription!
  • Reasonable Flat-fee Installation Cost
  • Low monthly subscription prices
  • Best-in-class software:  Use Google Maps to figure out exactly what’s happening when you need to.  Mine your data for what you are looking for easily.
  • Three Hardware Options:

1. Wired for in-cab:
Uses vehicle power source to provide live updates from the field.
Ruggedized case.
Made in the USA. 

2. Occasionally Powered for things like trailers:
Uses power when available to charge battery
Configurable updates to meet the needs of your application.
6 month battery life providing live updates without power.
Ruggedized case.
Made in the USA.  

3.Battery-only for things like tools or generators:
2.5 year minimum device life.
Peel-and-stick Industrial Adhesive or Bolt-on.
12-hour check-ins.
Ruggedized case.
Made in the USA. 

Our customer service representatives are ready to provide a turn-key solution that will let you run your fleet using the latest available tools.

Driver Services

• Fleet Tracking
• Reports and Notifications
• Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA)
• e-Logs/HOS
• Driver Coaching
• Onboard Fleet Cameras

Digital Driver Logs for Hours of Service & DVIr’s are easy to include as part of your solution.

Measure and monitor driver behavior to keep your mobile workers safe on the roads.

Poor driving can mean more accidents, larger fuel bills, greater maintenance and repair costs along with high insurance premiums.

Employee driving reflects the reputation of your organization, so ensuring that your vehicles are being driven in the right way is crucial.

Identify and train poor drivers to minimize risk.

WDS Driver Safety combines in-vehicle hardware with a range of real-time alerts, reports and dashboards about driver behavior that can be utilized by managers and the drivers themselves to improve safety on the road.

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RFID Inventory Solutions

Having problems keeping track of your assets? Track and locate equipment quickly and easily in real-time using RFID technology, and access information from anywhere in the world.

Improve Asset Utilization:

  • Locate equipment that needs to be shared between projects
  • Monitor owned versus rental status for each asset

At the corporate level, monitor overall utilization, while the project manager can monitor on-site utilization.

Inventory equipment quickly and easily to know what assets are where.

Asset Scanning Made Simple

Many ways to quickly scan assets: fixed-base readers (like tollroads) or handheld RFID readers (like Star Trek).

We also provide a variety of RFID tags to suit almost any application.

School Buses

We provide a robust, affordable solution that’s custom configured for your application and budget needs:

  • Live, up-to-the minute location data lets you know where your fleet and vehicles are
  • Video in High Definition:

– Forward and Rearward views

– Internal and external views

– Driver-cam

  • RFID badge-on and badge-off vehicle tells us who is on which bus quickly
  • In-backpack individual tracking for field trips


Keeping drivers on-time, improving vehicle utilization and maintaining continuous cost control are important aspects of any distribution or service operation.

Our scheduling and routing software helps improve distribution efficiency and customer service, while dramatically reducing planning time and overhead as well as wasted mileage.

Routing optimization software can help reduce total transportation expense and make the most efficient use of available resources, from drivers and service people to vehicles and trailers.

Designed for the rapid and efficient route planning of multiple orders, multiple stops and multiple service destinations, route planning software addresses fixed or dynamic routing for local, regional, or long-haul deliveries.

Our street-level routing capability and industry-standard, truck-safe routing data help minimize wasted miles and do more with the resources you already have.

Tracking Individuals

Our personal tracking devices are small and easy to tuck away, and powerful enough to provide real-time location updates when you really need it.




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Children and Elderly GPS

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