Environmental Solutions

In the environmental and waste industry, minimizing operating expenses and maximizing resource efficiency drive business profitability.  Safety and industry compliance are also critical elements that present challenges to this segment.  With Western Data System’s support and Trimble® technology, your business can remain successful because we help to ensure that waste collection and disposal processes are highly productive.  Trimble’s environmental solutions cover all the needs that take place in every step of the waste management process.  Our portfolio provides complete positioning solutions and services, starting at the waste collection and transportation through recycling and disposal at modern sanitary landfills or waste-to-energy facilities.


The solution operates on a range of Trimble Mapping and GIS handheld computers and integrates with existing utility back office systems, enabling seamless flow of data between field and office.  With the post-processing capabilities of Trimble Field Inspector Desktop software, GNSS location data captured in the field can be further enhanced to decimeter level accuracy with specific Trimble handheld computers.

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Digital aerial photography, aerial laser scanning, and land mobile mapping provide game-changing capability for documenting and monitoring transmission networks.  Transmission structures, terrain, vegetation, and other corridor features are scanned and combined with high-resolution visual and/or near-infrared imagery to enable planning, monitoring, and rapid response.  Your project data is easily integrated into GIS databases for analysis of cadastral data, encroachment, and many other requirements. 

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Trimble’s cBin solution provides a new way to manage the collection of recycling and refuse materials.  Know how full the bin is before you leave the shop!  Move away from scheduled “milk runs” that pick up partially full bins to an optimized route that only collects full containers.

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Trimble® Utility Fleet Manager™ is a comprehensive, configurable software solution for automated vehicle locating (AVL) and mobile resource management.  Trimble Utility Fleet Manager tracking is ideal for use by electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities looking for a way to better manage their fleet of vehicles, reduce fuel costs, reduce carbon emissions and improve customer field service and asset management.

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