Construction Solutions

Trimble’s Construction solutions target site prep, general construction, concrete, mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors.  Trimble Construction solutions tightly link office-based processes and information with the field crew.  This can include operations such as Building Information Models (BIM) to the field for highly accurate positioning and layout of foundations and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.  Trimble Construction solutions provide a high-level of process and workflow integration delivering significant improvements in productivity throughout the building construction lifecycle.



Optical instruments (view products) >

Innovation for Trimble means more than delivering the latest features and functionality in our solutions.  Trimble innovation is reinvention, driven by the need for tangible advancements in field productivity and system-wide efficiency.  The precision optics and robotics of Trimble total stations are purposefully paired with the streamlined workflows, innovative training and in-field support services as part of the Trimble Connected Site.  Surveyors around the world trust Trimble optical solutions for its performance that aims to maximize productivity today and the scalability to continue adapting to new challenges and opportunities into the future.


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A portable non-contact measurement system to accurately capture 3D data. The system rotates 360° and measures everything within its line of sight up to 120m away. With a scan rate of 976,000 points per seconds and an accuracy of up to ±2mm it can be used in a wide range of industries.

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Trimble data controllers are groundbreaking handheld field computing solution designed to streamline the flow of everyday surveying work and the number of peripheral devices needed in the field.  Add images to your surveys easily with the integrated camera and automatic geotagging for easy identification.

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Trimble software offers survey teams a new approach to surveying that expedites data collection, processing, analysis, and delivery through improved workflows, collaboration and control.
With Trimble software, surveying businesses can access their true potential.

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Spectra Precision construction lasers have set the standard for all other lasers by proving reliable in tens of thousands of units sold.  Whether you’re looking for accuracy, visibility, versatility, or a combination of all three, no one can give you the technology and value you’ll get out of a Spectra Precision Laser.

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The Spectra Precision® Laser Receivers are highly versatile from basic to advanced leveling and aligning applications.  The receivers are designed for interior, general, concrete and site preparation contractors.

Subsurface (view products) >

Subsurface detection is a geophysical method that uses radar pulses or electromagnetic radiation in a nondestructive method to image the subsurface.  This detects the reflected signals from subsurface structures that can be used in a variety of media, including rock, soil, ice, fresh water, pavements and structures.  It can also detect objects, voids, cracks, and changes in material.

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Attachments or accessories can be mandatory, usually because they are essential to the smooth running of the machine. From Cables to Claps to Tripods, accessories will make your job easier.