Spatial Imaging

Western Data Systems Spatial and Imaging products provides solutions for the collection, processing and analysis of geo-referenced images and point clouds.  By combing scanners, aerial and land-mobile sensor systems with digital photogrammetry, terrain modeling, image analysis, change detection and feature extraction office software, Western Data Systems provides complete solutions for all your geospatial needs.

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The Trimble scanners, in conjunction with the Trimble controller software, offer users a flexible 3D imaging solution by providing the ability to change the size of the image grid.  This creates a low or high-resolution dataset.  Flexibility like this is necessary to adapt to a variety of projects such as a congested industrial environment, a reverse engineering project, verifying dimensional control or to control construction accuracy.  

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Trimble’s aerial mapping solutions allows surveyors and geospatial professionals to collect data with a wide variety of traditional surveying applications.   Such applications include topographic surveying, site and route planning, progress monitoring, volume calculations, disaster analysis and as-builts in industries like surveying, oil and gas, mining, environmental services, and agriculture.

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Trimble mobile spatial imaging systems combine imaging and laser scanning capabilities to measure objects in 3D to produce 3D and 4D data sets for spatial imaging projects.  Mobile spatial imaging systems expand the scope of services that surveyors, engineers, mapping and geospatial professionals can offer to enhance their business.  The systems are ideal for as-built modeling, inventory, inspection, encroachment analysis, and asset management for roadways, bridges, railways, utilities, and other infrastructure.