Subsurface location via SPAR and GPS

The Spar 300 represents a comprehensive approach to surveying and mapping underground utilities. It is fully integrated with the Trimble Access surveying environment, operates seamlessly with Trimble GNSS receivers and Total Stations and is available from many Trimble dealers. The Spar employs a set of magnetic field sensors to accurately measure the 3-D vector to an underground utility and automatically combines this vector with absolute positions obtained via GNSS or other survey methods to obtain the 3-D coordinates of the utility. The Spar’s novel approach allows it to measure the 3-D vector from any vantage point within range and its built-in acceleration and magnetic sensors allow it to operate in almost any position. Moreover, it offers two distinct operating modes, line and sonde, extending its capabilities to most surveying situations.

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Regardless of orientation or relative position to the pipeline or cable, the Spar 300 continuously provides estimates of offset, depth, and impressed AC current. The Trimble Access-based Utility Survey software integrates seamlessly with Trimble GNSS receivers, merging measured offsets to the utility to the geospatial position of the aboveground spar.

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