Railway Solutions

Trimble Railway Solutions combine positioning, communications, data management and analysis, to produce systems tailored to railway processes and workflows.  Trimble delivers flexible, powerful systems for railway PLANNING, CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATIONS.

Trimble GEDO CE System (view datasheet) >

Trimble GEDO CE is a suite of tools for measurement, recording, analysis and applications for railway track location, construction and maintenance.  Specially tailored for railway tasks and processes, Trimble GEDO CE hardware and software streamlines work in the field and office.  The system uses standard techniques and data formats to share information with leading applications for railway track design and maintenance.

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GNSS Survey and Spatial Imaging Solutions (view survey sales) >

Survey solutions make key contributions to the success of high speed railways.  Survey Solutions utilizes GPS and GNSS, laser, optical and VRS Network and wireless communication to increase productivity while maintaining high levels of accuracy and precision.

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GeoSpatial Solutions (view mapping & gis sales) >

Using Geospatial Solutions, railway operators collect and analyze data to produce actionable information for use throughout the organization and across the lifespan of fixed and mobile assets.  Tailored, task-specific tools for measurement and analysis increase efficiency and reduce costs in railway planning, operations and maintenance.

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