Trimble Cable Payout Meter (View datasheet) >

The Trimble Cable Payout Meter improves the productivity of underwater dredging and structure placement by accurately measuring the location of the load. Used with Trimble HYDROpro software and GNSS hardware on the crane, the cable payout meter reports precise bucket location information against the channel or seawall design to the operator in the cabin.

Trimble Dredgehead Depth Sensor (view datasheet) >

The Trimble Dredge Head Meter integrates with Trimble HYDROpro software to improve the productivity of cutter suction and trailer hopper dredge types. Using compressed air to measure the head of water, the dredge head meter accurately determines the depth below surface of the underwater dredge head.

Tri-Max Tripod

The Tri-Max® is without a doubt the best instrument tripod on the market today.  It's the only surveying-grade tripod with certified accuracy – highly recommended for all servo-driven and robotic total stations and 3-D laser scanners.


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Seco Products >

Seco Manufacturing Company offers a wide varity of accessory products used with surveying instruments, GPS, GIS, and Construction equipment. These include telescopic poles, carrying cases, backpacks, GPS antenna poles, surveying instrument tripods, prism systems, construction levels and leveling rods.

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