Innovation and Technology Roadshow

THE NEW ALLTERRA CENTRAL'S (formerly WDS and Martin Instrument) Innovation and Technology Roadshow is traveling Texas - DFW, Austin, Houston, the Valley and San Antonio - demonstrating emerging technologies in Survey and MGIS. Classroom events will highlight the NEW Trimble TSC7, MX7, SX10 robotic scan station, UAVs, GeoSLAM handheld scanner and Coordinate Systems/Datum Shifts.  Hands-on demonstration of all products will be available outside as well as Q&A with AllTerra’s Trimble Certified Trainers. 

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Dallas – May 3rd

Austin – May 15th

Houston – May 17th

Valley – May 22nd

San Antonio – May 31st

Schedule of Events:

10:30 to 12:30

Inside: Survey class:  Integration of Robotic and Lidar data using the SX10

Trimble Certified Instructor lead presentation covers working with the new SX10 Robotic Scan Station. This presentation will show complete field and office work flows that integrate lidar and robotic data collected with the SX10.  Data will be imported into Trimble Business Center where QC/QA procedures, extracting data from point clouds, and CAD format linework generation will be shown. This course is currently being reviewed by the OSLS and TSPS for 2 CEU credit hours.

Outside: MGIS advanced data collection boot camp

See the Trimble MX7 Mobile Imaging System on vehicle mount.  Hands on demonstrations of advanced techniques including offsets, pipeline locators, scanning & UAVs.  Come see the latest in Trimble, GeoSlam and Laser Technology (LTI) products and learn how to maximize your data collection needs. Take advantage of Q&A interaction with AllTerra’s Trimble Certified Trainers and get advanced tips and tricks.

12:30 to 2:30 Technology Lunch and Learn

30 min UAVs

·      The new Delair UX11 fixed-wing UAV will be presented and features covered.  This new hand launched UAV includes many innovative features such as real time data review, radio and cellular communications, and new soft-landing technique.

·      The Microdrone MD-1000 multirotor UAV will be covered.  This UAV is the only commercial grade mapping UAV on the market.  The MD-1000 utilizes the Applanix APX-15 chip for the highest degree of professional aerial mapping deliverables. Additionally, this platform can carry an array of sensors such as Lidar, Methane Detection & various cameras.

30 min GeoSlam

·      The new GeoSlam ZEB-REVO Real-time 3D handheld scanner will be presented.  This easy to use scanner enables users to rapidly collect and process the point cloud in real time.  

·      The integration of GoPro video allows for images to be viewed alongside point cloud data.

·      The huge time saving benefits of the GeoSlam ZEB-REVO RT will be highlighted while showing the ease of generating BIM, Survey & MGIS deliverables.

60 min MX7 Mobile Imaging System     

·      The versatile MX7 system can be easily deployed on all types of vehicles

·      Capture 360-degree image documentation

·      Use with Trimble MX solutions software for easy data & feature extraction

·      Export data directly into a GIS

2:30 to 4:30

Inside: MGIS class:  Coordinate Systems and Datum shifts in GIS

·      Trimble Certified Instructor lead presentation teaches the ins and outs of datums and coordinate systems.  Learn what creates a shift in data and what doesn’t.  Learn how to capture, process and export data with the same level of precision.  Real world situations will be covered.  

Outside: Survey advanced data collection boot camp

Take advantage of the first opportunity to see the brand new Trimble TSC7!

See the Trimble MX7 Mobile Imaging System on vehicle mount.  Get hands on time with the newest Trimble Geospatial instruments including the GeoSlam, UX11, MD-1000, SX10, TX8 & GNSS.  Our survey experts will be on hand to answer technical questions or guide you through the operation of equipment and/or software.  

4:30 to 5:00

            Closing remarks